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Best Valentine's Day Nails on Pinterest

Best Valentine's Day Nails on Pinterest

Won't lie this heart tip Valentine's Day manicure from 2022 almost smashed Pinterest! It's one of the first things that pops up when you're looking for the best Valentine's Day nails or heart nails and I get too excited when I see how many people achieve it, when people share it and when people recreate it!

I'm currently looking for Valentine's Day nail design inspiration for this year which prompted me to create this Best Valentine's Day Nails post to not only help you choose a design for yourself, but to help me too because I know if I'm having a hard time. decide what V-day nail art I will get then I know a lot of you guys too! I'm tempted to stray away from the traditional pink and red nails considering that's what I did last year and maybe do a black heart instead, but I knew I would seek and save ideas until the last minute.

I'm really not sure I'll be able to surpass my 2022 heart nail but I'm sure I'll give it a go! I've been browsing Pinterest and Instagram endlessly, but still haven't found something I LOVE as much as that rednail. If you find a design you think I'll like, post it my way, I'd love to see it!

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