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January Nail Inspo

January Nail Inspiration

As we've all been hunkering down for sweatpants for the inevitable months, a new rotation of winter nail ideas is here to break the monotony. This particular year, nails are proving to be more fun than ever. Who among us hasn't felt the momentary joy of looking down between endless gatherings or another round of hand washing to enjoy a fun print, a hint of shimmer, or a burst of our favorite winter nail polish peeking our way?

This season the greatest nail designs are all about maximum fun with minimal work. Of course, there are beautiful dark green and deep red nail polishes that are always in trend this time of year. But there are also plenty of unexpected winter manicures you can easily paint from the comfort of your couch (preferably with a glass of wine and something that feels good on Netflix). Think shimmery shades that look just as good on a sweat as you would with an LBD you pop for the first time in two years, or a quirky decal that gives your nail art a flawless look.

So whatever your taste or dexterity, explore the coolest winter nail ideas that will get you past the holidays and straight into 2022. Cheers to that.

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1. Sparkling Ombre

Why wear one glitter polish when you can wear two? Split the difference with your favorite glitter color or use a kit (like the Paintbox power pair) that pairs two beauties for you.

2. Holographic Stripes

One fancy line is like jewelry for your fingertips—and makes your nails look longer.

3. Sparkling Champagne

Cheers to the most flawless glossy paint we've ever seen. (Here's Essie in Semi-Precious Tones, if you think so too.) 

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